Summer Eating

Maybe you didn't notice, but we love to eat in this family. There are no words to describe our love and passion for food.

We all have our specialities. Even though dad is secretly chef number 1 (but don't tell him that..), he's the main cook in this house and prepares us wonderful food every single day (well most days, when super chef Mum doesn't take over.) Elisa is the cookie queen. I ate so many this afternoon, I felt like it was great time to start jogging again. I mean that's how many I've had... (don't judge)

Anyway you get the idea, we cook all the time. We finish a meal, we already have the next one planned to a tee. We dream about food, we talk about food, we laugh about food. I mean... FOOD.

Summer food has to be my favourite, I said it before over here and I will say it again. I love it. It's fresh,  it's colourful, the farmer's market is at its best, the garden overflows with gorgeous tomatoes, green beans, courgettes, cherries, plums and what not.

So here's what we had in the last couple of days.

1 and 3 // Quiche Lorraine, melon and a tomato/avocado/chickpea/cucumber salad.
2 // Homemade bread.
4 // Nectarine tart sprinkled with roasted pistachios (uncooked in that picture!)
5 // Lizzie's cookies.
6 // Gaspacho.
7 // Eton Mess.
8 // Fresh Nectarines.