Lizzie and I spent the weekend in the middle of the mountains at Agathe's house. Agathe is a close friend of ours, we've known her family since Elisa was born! That's 16 years! We love them to bits, and wish we could see them more! (Agathe if you read this, COME BACK!)  

My best friend Alice joined us on saturday, we had plans to go to the waterfalls, but the weather was not on our side!

We had a very chilled out weekend. We slept a lot, watched a couple of storms, made pancakes, read tons of magazines, sunbathed (in between two storms), enjoyed the pool at the chateau, played a lot of UNO, watched the olympics closing ceremony (can I just say : I need more SPICE GIRLS to spice up my life) and laughed until our bellies ached.