Life as of lately

- We painted our nails, had a tea party and saw two geese.

- I'm i love with an aga no biggie, we paint, beautiful sunset, last fruits of the season.

- One cutie, two cuties, three cuties.

- Despite the amount of farm animals present in this post, I'm still in London (we just visited what they call a 'city farm' - new concept for me)

- This 'in between' weather is driving me crazy. One minute it's freezing cold, pouring rain and the next it's hot(ish) and sunny. So is it a bikini and winter coat kinda deal.. 'just in case' or what?

- If I ever get obese. I will blame my Desserts&Cakes board on Pinterest.

- I'm going to this event next wednesday and I'm already hungry for their food and thirsty for their cocktails.

- Any book recommendations? I must say after the Hunger Games I'm left with nothing as exciting. (I need exciting, something addictive, which doesn't require a very high IQ if you know what I mean. k' thx.)

- In a few weeks I'll be a nursery rhyme expert. Ask me anything.