Life as of lately

Kir Royal in the sun // Carrot Cake cravings
GBK cheese and bacon beef burger coma // Sunday brunch with my cousins
Dead leaves+rain+sunsometimes=autumn // 'Duckies' at the park
Chicken ramen // Scones and hot chocolate for colder days
Sleeping baby // Sunny walk at the park
Retail therapy weekend // I fancy Brandy Melville (thanks Rose!)

Sorry if you already follow me on Instagram and you've seen all of these before (ahh I know.. bore)! Life has been busy lately and I have to admit I forgot my camera charger at my grandparent's house in Sussex, which makes taking good quality pictures impossible! BUT we will be reunited this weekend! Be prepared!

Ps: As an apology to all of you who have seen these pictures before, check this super cute video and this really funny one.