A Trek in the mountains

Look at those colours!! It was so sunny yesterday, mum and I decided to go for a little 'trek' in the mountains. ('Trek' is a very big word for our 2 hour long walk, but hey we were in the mountains, with our hiking shoes on...)

That is exactly what you think it is. *Lovelyfacelick-wipeyourfaceasquickaspossible*

I love hiking and I love being in the mountains, that's where I grew up and I will always cherish this wonderful place. I think by now you know that I'm a country girl at heart but let me just tell you something.. this area of the Pyrenees has brown bears (if only this was a joke), and the country girl in me does NOT like to walk into a BEAR when happily walking through the forest. I completely forgot about that 'fact', when mum kindly slipped it into our conversation before we left... well I almost stayed in the car that's all you need to know.

OK so...we did not encounter bears on our so called 'trek', only a few cows... To congratulate ourselves we stopped at the first bakery in sight and treated ourselves to a 'éclair au café' and a 'succulent'.