Life Lately

A lot of chocolate
Beautiful winter sunsets and my clever glasses (or what I look like when I'm SUPER bored of job-hunting)
My new best friend and my favourite dessert
Christmas lights on Regent Street and my aunt's new exhibition at the Redfern Gallery
See me? Rain, rain and rain some more

This non-stop job-hunting has resulted in a mini blog vacation, although trust me it was nothing like a vacation, more like a crazy running around London type of week. But I'm finally moving forward with a new internship at an events management company, which I'm really happy about! So fingers crossed it will keep getting better. I'm discovering the joys of being a working girl in London ie.spending a quarter of your day in transports, being squished between other sleepy workers at 7 in the morning, trying not to fall asleep on the train, running, always running to catch a bus/taxi/train/. It's wonderful really! I promise! I hope that you are all wrapping yourselves up my sweet friends, because I nearly lost all my toesies today.