I'm back in London town! All of this carrying heavy suitcases up and down the stairs is EXHAUSTING. I need another spa day like yesterday's one. It was heaven. We soaked ourselves into hot water until we turned into prunes. Sounds sexy, right? 

I love going to the spa, especially this one because it's a thermal water spa! It smells like rotten eggs, but it's seriously amazing. (I'm really selling it to you right..?) Anyway the point is I miss yesterday, and I want to go back in time. It was the best last day ever. We started with a beautiful ride in the mountains (horseback), then ended the day at the spa. Perfection.

Ps: These pictures were taken 2 years ago, at the same spa, and yes I had some serious bags going on under my eyes..seriously big ones! 

Pps: Thank you all so much for your adorable comments on my Sweet Days post. I'm giving you all a big virtual hug!