Tea Time in Toulouse

We had a girly afternoon in the big city today. Lizzie, mama bear and myself wrapped ourselves up and decided this beautiful sunny day would be a lot better if it was spent strolling along the old Toulouse, shop hopping (see what i did there..?) in search of warm jumpers and plum coloured trousers (that was my quest of the day).

But believe it or not, I bought NOTHING. Yep, you read that right. Nada, Rien, Nothing. Let me explain... all the things I wanted, could also be purchased in London if I really wanted/needed them, so I didn't see the point in making my suitcase heavier than it already is (ie. I'd rather come back with yummy french food than clothes...is that bad? ... No it's not Tania.)

Talking about food, we had tea in the cutest little tea room called Bapz, very english, very quaint. Why having tea and scones while in France you ask me..? Well probably because Lizzie (my sister) misses England, and I like Lizzie a lot so we had a real english tea with some not so english scones. (I am now aware that good scones can only be found in England...)