Christmas Part 3

Our last day at Kent House was bittersweet. It's always sad to leave when we've had the best few days, and it's also suddenly sunny, after days of rain and floods. This house is a dream. So much history, so many memories... The garden is out of this world, my granddad is passionate about it, they even open it up to visitors in the summer! It has this little path way going down to the river and many secret corners, it's at its best in the summer, covered in roses and exotic flowers. The house is filled with secret little staircases, beautiful fireplaces and many baths. The kitchen is always warm with the Aga and smells delicious. I could go on for days... You know when you think of the future sometimes.. and you picture what your dream house would be, well I picture something resembling Kent House. It's one of those places where I can imagine myself raising kids (we're talking about the future here..just to clarify) with maybe the Southern France weather and many pets running around. What's yours?