Life Lately

Sit down breakfast (a rarity these days) // Wearing a man's shirt - definition of comfy.
Cheese Feast // My drug
My new friend at Scooter Caffe // Getting festive with my favourite sandwhich (Brie, canberry, ham and rocket salad)
London Eye // Wedding planning = delicious desserts
A little bored and very tired // Day 2 of this big event.

I know, I know... it hasn't been very long since my ''Life Lately'' post but I have to admit that I have been SO busy lately, the only way I can snap a few pictures here and there is with my iPhone. Poor excuse. I'm working on getting back on my usual blogging track. Another reason might be that I've asked 'Santa' for this wonderful Canon DSLR, and since then I may be neglecting my Sony... just a little bit. (Hurry up christmas!) One more thing... I have noticed that owning an iPhone just suddenly makes you that little bit more self obsessed. Am I right or am I right? (Please tell me I'm not alone on this one) I mean I used to hate 'selfies' or whatever you call them... now check this out, two in one post. Shame on me.