2012 was sure filled with a lot of emotions. Emotionally draining is one way to put it. Good, sad, happy, confusing, strong emotions. It hasn't been easy, but I made it out stronger than ever before. This past year slapped me in the face quite few times that's for sure, more than I would have wanted, but that's what it's all about right? Learning, growing and making changes along the way. I'm excited about this new year, fresh start. 

I decided to not make new resolutions this year. Because in the end they only last for about 2 weeks before I've forgotten about all of them..then I'm disappointed and filled with negativity. None of this in 2013. 

I have decided that this year will be different. It will be all about taking risks, going on adventures, meeting new people, saying yes more, following my intuitions, and making memories.

Happy New Year sweet friends!