Blogger meetup at the Renaissance Hotel

I was very kindly invited by Chobani and NuffnangX to a 'cocktails & cakes' blogger meetup at the Renaissance Hotel in St Pancras. Unfortunately I had to work until 6 and arrived very late... so late ALL the cakes were gone! But I still had a taste of their (very strong) cocktail, and was given a lovely goodie bag filled with cake (pheww!) and delicious Chobani yoghurt of course! After which we decided it was time for dinner. We all gathered and walked to Shrimpy's (which you should definitely try!) We chatted, laughed and shamelessly took a lot of pictures of our food (it's so refreshing to be around bloggers...snapping away happily like paparazzi's) we ordered way too many burgers, before saying our goodbyes and promising each other that we will have to do this again very soon (we have this long list of restaurants we want to discover girls..! let's do this!) [If you want to see better pictures... and all the yummy cakes I missed, go say hi to Vivi on Les Musings!] Thank you to Christine and Kelly for this lovely meetup! When is the next one?!