Girls Reunion at Duck & Waffle

I decided to surprise the girls with a secret location for dinner on saturday night. Now if you're in London, you have probably heard of Duck&Waffle... A splendid restaurant perched on the 40th floor of Heron Tower (right by Liverpool Street station). We giggled all the way up, the view through the glass elevator is breathtaking (see this video I did on our way down) We started with delicious cocktails, followed by duck and waffle (of course) and shared 3 desserts (best decision ever). Maple caramel apples, warm chocolate raspberry fondant and warm chocolate brownies with PEANUT BUTTER ICE CREAM (!!!) An absolute dream, and I have to say the caramel apples (which by the way are a lot more than just apples) were almost as good as the brownies, that's saying me. We had such a great night, catching up on a ton of gossip over delicious food. Do yourself a favor and book a table now*, I'm serious. They are opened 24/7, so no excuses! (oh and Valentine's day is coming up... *wink*) 

*This is by no means a sponsored post, I'm just sharing my love for this place.