22 million Dim Sums

Monday I turned 22! Do I feel any different? Nope. Although I do prefer saying 'I'm 22'.. I think 21 is so overrated. Am I right or am I right?
My sweet friend Anni and my cousin Melonie joined me for a lovely dinner and cocktails at Ping Pong.

My new favourite drink : Kumquat Mojito!

I don't like to make a big deal out of my birthday. Don't get me wrong I love getting presents [ ;) ], blowing candles and eating cake until I'm about to explode. I just don't like the whole 'heytodayismydaylookatme' kind of situation. I'm sure there must be a reason behind it.. but I don't care, I like my birthday to be on the quiet side, with my family and a lot of cake.

This year was a little different than usual. I was working all day, my family was far away ( apart from Melonie of course!) and there were no candles involved. But I got to spend it with two of my favourite people and that's what matters. 

We ate so much, I let the girls order and I think they got food for about 6 people. Stacks of steaming hot Dim sums kept appearing. It was pure bliss.