A few scenes from this weekend

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I spent the weekend in the countryside at my grandparents' house with my dad, who came to visit for a few days. I was exhausted from 2 weeks of non-stop work, so a break away from the city was needed. I managed to sleep past 7am (basically forced my body clock to shut it and let me go back to sleep), I gorged myself in homemade bread and a delicious poule-au-pot prepared by my talented chef (dad). The weather was beyond freezing (right?!) so we stayed all cosy inside reading books and watching Italian films. Two days was way too short... I am already planning my next visit.

1 - A 'real' breakfast with homemade bread covered in butter and raspberry jam (not pictured - already eaten) (also muesli, and tea)
2 - Homemade bread.
3 - Admiring the garden from inside.
4 - A very very cold walk up the Downs (more on that tomorrow..)
5 - The cutest newborn lambs.
6 - Beautiful yellow tulips.