Blogshop London Part 2


One thing is for sure, last weekend at Blogshop was lively and colourful. The room was filled with the most beautiful flowers (from Hattie at That Flower shop), which everyone used as their models, or accessorise as you can see below! If you haven't seen the first part of my Blogshop experience, you can find it here :)


Interning at Blogshop was more fun than work. Sure we did carry a few boxes, and placed a few chairs here and there, but mostly we just had fun. We tried to make Bri and Angela's work go as smoothly as possible, and helped students around when they needed it. There were mimosas involved, music, yummy food and amazing goodie bags (more on those later!)

I just think how lucky the girls are to do this as their job! A dream come true! I hope and wish I can accomplish as much as they did, they really have something good going on there, something that is one of a kind, and I am not paid to say this!! Scout's honour!

I got to meet two lovely girls who were interning with me. The sweet Neha - who is a very talented graphic designer, and Elena who blogs over at Randomly Happy! It was really nice meeting you girls! Let's have a Blogshop reunion soon :)

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