Some Farm Friends, Carrot Cake & a bubble bath

This is the last post about my weekend I promise! I had way too many pictures to share in one go! So here goes part 3 of my lovely time in the country...

DSC00831 DSC00822 DSC00833 DSC00802 DSC00830 DSC00792

After sliding down the Downs we walked through a farm, and naturally I stopped to pet the sheep and the dog! My heart completely melted at the sight of tiny teeny newborn lambs hiding between their mum's legs. Adoooorable!! [almost impossible to photograph though... :( ]

I really miss being in contact with animals, I always had pets running around the house since I was little, so for the past 4 years it has been quite hard for me not having any fluff balls around... I cannot begin to tell you how much I want to get (rescue) a cat and/or a dog. Do you guys have pets in London?? How do you deal with it? I have NO clue how people do it in a big city like this...

We then walked as fast as we could, back to the house before it got too dark and before my fingers dropped off. Tea and carrot cake was waiting for us, followed by a steaming hot bubble bath to defrost my entire body. 

Unfortunately the cold is still here... as I'm typing this (tuesday evening..) my fingers and the tip of my nose are freezing cold, I can assure you the heating is on, I am wearing a cashmere jumper and I'm lying in bed under 2 duvets.. WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM STUPID WEATHER. 

Let's move to Hawaii?