Sunny bed and Sophie Dahl

I have moved to a temporary flat today (my uncle's flat to be exact) The view here is breathtaking! (I am still looking for a place in London so if you hear of anything, let me know ;)

Today was filled with a lot of packing, dragging of suitcases and unpacking again. Not much fun.. but the minute I finished tidying and everything was in the right place, the sun came out and made the bed look SO cosy and warm, I couldn't resist a nap. My body is seriously craving sun at the moment. Anyone want to take me on holiday somewhere hot?

Oh, that book you see on my bed is Sophie Dahl's cookbook, which I have read like a novel. That girl can write! She's also a fantastic cook AND a model (her grandfather is the famous Roald Dahl!!) Some have it all... You probably know her already, but if you don't, you should definitely watch her cooking show called The Delicious Miss Dahl which aired on the BBC in 2010 I think. Also get the book, you'll fall in love with her, while drooling over all the delicious food. I got it for christmas and devoured it in one afternoon, I couldn't stop reading it!