A walk to the lake or an excuse to eat more chocolates

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On Easter Sunday after lunch and way too many chocolates, the sun was shining, so mum and I decided to venture to the lake for a walk (read: we needed an excuse to eat more Ferrero Rochers - this walk burned SO many calories...you don't understand)

We were lucky to have sun for most of it, we even laid in the grass 'sunbathing' while Hector was attempting to chase a few ducks (with no great results I can assure you). Spring was shyly showing its face with all its beautiful flowers and green popping out! 

This weekend even if way too short to my taste, was just what the doctor ordered. Some fresh air, hugs from mum, a little sun, and a lot of food. I made a promise to myself that next time I won't leave it that long without coming back home (already planning to fly over at the end of May *finger crossed*)