Easter Sunday at home

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We started off easter sunday with a great big breakfast, gallons of tea, around the kitchen table with a few friends. Breakfast was quickly followed by our traditional easter egg hunt. We jumped in our wellies, wrapped up in our rain coats (spring weather is very temperamental - one minute bright sun, the next pouring rain!) and started running frantically around the garden to find the best eggs before the dogs/horses/chickens start eating them... after which we ran back inside the house a little wet but very excited to start eating our treasures (there was the usual long 'discussion' over who gets what egg - we all wanted the Ferrero Rocher egg and the Toblerone one...of course!). The afternoon was spent stuffing our faces with chocolate, cuddling in front of the fire or in the sun when it was out! (I cannot get enough of those puppy kisses!!)