Life Lately

I haven't done one of those in like forever - the last one was in february, so there is a LOT to catch up for those of you who don't follow me on Instagram or Twitter! We're starting from those few days I spent at home in the South of France...

Reunited with the love of my life - Lizzie // A bunch of lazy puppies
Gypsy taking all the space in Lizzie's bed // The day we went skiing in a blizzard
My slight obsession with Whole Foods // A date surrounded by flamingos on top of Kensington's Roof Gardens - surreal
That time I ate cake all day - Champagne breakfast followed by Rosie's Bake Sale.
Pizza night at B-Soho // Best birthday present ever! (A mix of this bracelet and these charms..!)
That time I felt miserable and lost my voice // New favourite book - a must read if you are Breakfast obsessed like I am!
Chilly mornings // Delicious brunch with Sophie at The Breakfast Club
Blossoms e v e r y w h e r e !! // Pretty Notting Hill in the sun
How I spend my saturdays learning graphic design // Going green with Starbucks' new reusable cups!
Gym + sushi = my evening routine // Lazy sundays in bed
New Office // Temporary office space for the day

This was a very long catch up - I've been a bad blogger and forgot to update you with my Instagram adventures! (there's a lot more but we'd be here all day...!) I won't wait that long next time, pinky promise!