Love Links


Pictures all taken while on my Easter walk around the lake. It's been a little while since

my last Love Links post so here goes.. the things that have inspired me recently :

- One beautiful wedding reception under the trees... *sigh* 

- I've just bought this book called the Breakfast Bible. I couldn't resist, a book THAT pretty.. about my favourite meal ever, it had to be mine (currently reading it like a novel - my favourite kind of reading)

- A very inspiring article about Sophia Amoruso's journey (the founder of Nasty Gal). 

- I have re-discovered Rebekka Seale's blog - that girl is seriously talented, I'm so jealous of how much talent she has. Her house portraits are such a BRILLIANT idea, already planning to order one from her as soon as I get my own place...

- I am a huge fan of the Roost blog, but even more so recently. Caitlin's  latest skin care series encouraging people to go towards toxic free skin care really has clicked something inside me (probably why I went mad in Whole Foods) I have always been very aware of what I put inside my body, but always brushed off the idea that what I was putting ON my body was full of (excuse my french)*t. So I have now made a deal with myself, whenever I run out of something, I will try and find a natural, toxic-free replacement. 

WATCH this.

- Caitlin also introduced me to this magic potion from Amazing Grass. I only had it once, I am waiting for more to be delivered, so I will tell you how it goes, but it looks like I have found a little gem! The amount of goodness in there is almost too good to be true!

- So this group of friends own and share a forest (naturally), they built a cabin in the middle of it, it's called Beaver Brook...just check this out. (can I make myself real small and move in? Please..? I make good cakes *puppyeyes*...) but wait this gets even better, they also have another tumblr called cabin porn (my new favourite thing ever - nothing to do with pornography, don't freak out) Added to my buket list: own a cabin. (they got me sorted if I ever do - with this list of supplies I will need.. aren't they amazing?)

- I have been following Gadabout for a while, but recently I took the time to read her entire 'about' me page and discovered that we basically are the same person. I am not kidding. It's actually quite scary.. although she is one step ahead of me by being a very talented graphic designer!

- This dream home I'm building in my head (and on Pinterest) is seriously to die for. A real dream.

- I am SO ready for summer - thank you London for slowly but surely transitioning into Spring and warmer weather (finally).