An escape to the countryside | Part 2

(not sure what you're demonstrating here Lizzie...?!)

We spent the next morning sleeping in, breakfast came late, croissants in the Aga filed the kitchen with the most delicious smell, we chatted away sitting around the kitchen table until it was time to go for a long sunny walk... 

DSC01354 DSC01361 DSC01365 DSC01376 DSC01382 DSC01386 DSC01381 DSC01397 DSC01395

We certainly needed to burn off those buttery croissants, and some of us also needed to get rid of a certain margarita induced hangover...

DSC01407 Charlie & Millie's DSC01441 DSC01416

The rest of the day was spent lunching in the garden (those beauties were involved for was glorious) and sunbathing on the lawn while the boys played tennis. It wasn't long before we all had to pack our bags and get ready for a long car journey towards the sea.