Charlotte's Confirmation

DSC01657 DSC01685 DSC01670 DSC01659 charconfirmationcake DSC01697 DSC01704 charcupcake DSC01718 DSC01725

It was Charlotte's confirmation on Sunday. You probably remember Char from my weekend adventures last week! She is my beautiful cousin, on my English side (although she is also half french like I am because her dad, my dad's brother, also married a French woman... It's confusing I know.) 

I love spending time with them, every time I feel homesick I go to their house which makes everything much better. We talk Frenglish, eat real bread, have impromptu dance parties in the kitchen, and suddenly it feels like home. 

Sunday was filled with chocolate cake, macaroons and Champagne. When all the guests left we all cuddled up on the sofa with a cup of tea and watched a film (they watched a film, I fell asleep...)