Happy Mother's day Maman !

mother's day

I know I've been slightly confused with all these different Mother's Day... But today really is the right one for French mums!

I wish I could spend the day with you, but knowing you'll be here with me in two small weeks makes up for it. 

You really are the strongest and bravest woman I know, with so many talents, a real inspiration. You bake the best cakes in the world, and can NEVER tell a lie (we know that little smile on your face...) being so far away from you is hard sometimes but I know you're here for me, supporting me no matter what. 

Tu es la plus belle des mamans, on t'aime.

Tania & Elisa

*a special thank you to Lizzie who helped me digging out those oldies, while baking a cake for mum! (Give mum a big hug for me!)