Lizzie & Charlotte

At Annabel's
At Annabel's

aka my favourite girls in the whole of the universe.

Those two are true beauties (I mean those three.. Elsa is a little hairy though) Forgot to share these shots of

our weekend away in the countryside

. Remember this time when the girls decided to wash the dog?..and ended up running after the dog for most of it! It was quite the scene.

Sun please come back, and bring some heat, because I am freezing over here, I can't convince myself to go back to winter coats and boots, instead I dress like a rainbow, wear my sunglasses in the shade (


at night..

now it's stuck in your head for the're welcome)

and sun lotion to smell like the beach.. I am in complete denial.

But you know what? It's Friday (in case you didn't notice)!! AND we get a long weekend because Monday is a bank holiday here in the UK! Although if you ask me it should really be like that every week... 2 days is wayyyy too short, right?!


is hosting a little dinner party tonight, I couldn't think of a better way to start off my weekend!

I hope you have a nice one!