Morning walk on the beach - Suffolk

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If you've been following along my weekend adventures (I know I managed to make 4 posts out of it... AND there's another one left in store - too much beauty not to share! Part 1 // Part 2 // Part 3) - we spent our bank holiday in beautiful Suffolk.

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On Monday morning after a long lazy breakfast, we left poor Charlotte behind (she had to revise for exams) and went on a beach stroll which turned out to be more of a physically demanding hike on the beach. 

You see that picture where Lizzie and I are taking pictures in the middle of this beautiful road? Well from then on we were lost. Annabel and my dad disappeared  leaving us to our own device. We tried calling but none had their phones (of course), so as good little adventurers/hikers that we are we just made our way back to the beach and walked back to the car the way we arrived. 

It did get melodramatic at one point when we got very thirsty and thought we would die of dehydration... you know, just being girls. We were fine really... plus we got back to the house to a delicious lunch waiting for us, we ate and drank like we had been lost on a desert island for weeks.