New Design

At Annabel's DSC01648

 Morning (assuming it's the morning on your side of the world - if not Hello, Goog Evening?), 

   It smells like coffee, hot pancakes and sun lotion around here. The weather and I aren't on the same page you see (it is definitely not sunny here... yep it's raining, just checked), but smelling like a coconut going to the beach somehow helps with my Monday morning mood.

   You might have noticed that things are slightly different around here... Joy Felicity Jane had a face lift over the weekend, and I kinda like it a lot! You can find links about everything you need to know up at the top (above the logo), otherwise it's sort of the same but better looking!

   That's a flower and some fluffy pancakes for you, thank you for following my daily musings and other ramblings! You are the best. 

   That's all.