Weekend Scenes Before My Camera Died

DSC01746 DSC01733

Weekends seem to fly by at an alarming rate these days! My Saturday was spent being creative (or trying to be) at my last Graphic Design class at the Chelsea College of Art and Design, then Sunday showed up, I met the lovely Sophie for lunch at Ginger&White in Hampstead.

DSC01750 food3 DSC01759 DSC01738 DSC01762 hotchoc DSC01766 flowerspark

I absolutely love spending time with that girl, we did NOT stop talking for 6 hours straight. That must be some kind of record right? She is so easy to hang out with, we laugh so much and talk about our lives and dreams while snapping away everything in sight (it's a blogger's thing..) Soph, I sure am going to miss you when you go back to Sydney!

I've got to say that I had never been to Hampstead before and I have definitely been missing out! It's SO pretty! Like a little village in the middle of London, Hampstead Heath felt like the countryside, it was so refreshing. 

I definitely recommend going there on a sunny weekend, I think next time I'll bring a picnic and a blanket and enjoy the amazing London views from the top of the hill, I also just discovered they have swimming ponds open in the summer! I know where I'll be every weekend! 

Unfortunately my camera decided to die on me just after lunch, but if you check out Sophie's blog you can see a few more scenes from our glorious Sunday! She's got the best camera EVER IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD (can you tell I'm jealous?).

PS: I now have a Joy Felicity Jane Facebook Page! I know... it was about time! Like it?