Weekend Scenes

Every weekend should be like this one. First of all, it should be 3 days long (on this note who the hell invented two days weekends?! Because we need to have a word...) It should be sunny and warm like it was on Sunday (Monday had this wild hair kind of wind..and I could do without that) It should also be filled with delicious food, Sophie's dinner party on Friday was the best, I left with a real food baby.

Food and friends are a must, I finally visited Freya's wonderful house, her garden is some sort of wonderland, we had afternoon tea in the sun at Violet catching up over delicious treats. That cake which looks almost black was the chocolatiest cake I've ever had, still thinking about it drooling all over my keyboard.. (We stopped by at the Lily Vanilly Bakery, I've been wanting to go for ever now.. but they had sold out all their cakes, so it is now on my list of things to do next weekend..!)

We also visited Hackney City Farm to pet the lambs, goats and donkeys, which once again reminded me how I miss the countryside! Monday was spent in the sun, napping for most of it, feeding myself on watermelon and frozen yoghurt, and now I hate Tuesday like I normally hate Monday. It's bad.