A Weekend Away in Milan | Part II

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The next few days of my Milan trip were filled with delicious food, laughter, bike rides, a lot of shopping, sight seeing, more food, sun and rain. On Saturday morning we woke up late and strolled to the closest food market.. We bought enough delicious fresh vegetables, fruits, cheeses and salami to feed an army.
An army of three hungry shoppers that was. We whipped up a 'salade de chèvre chaud' along with all the other goodies we bought that morning - lunch after a trip at the market is always my favourite kind of meal.

On Sunday we were supposed to go to the coast to the most beautiful place ever, BUT it decided to rain (of course) so we stayed in Milan. It turned out to be a really fun day, we went on a little adventure on our city bikes, got caught in the rain, stopped at bakery for a well deserved break and ended the day by cooking Thai. Turns out I'm not very good at taking pictures on a bike... I hit the pavement several times and almost rode into a bench. I wish I was kidding.

(If you've missed Part 1 check it out over here... More coming tomorrow!)