Brunch at Daylesford Farmshop in Notting Hill

DSC02140 DSC02144 daylesford DSC02149

Last Sunday I took my mum and godmother to brunch in Notting Hill at Daylesford Organic Farm Shop. I had been wanting to go for a little while now, I actually really want to go visit their Farm in Gloucestershire, but I'm so glad they have a few locations in London to keep me waiting! They really have something special going on there, the food was delicious, fresh and organic, my smoked salmon was more a piece of art than smoked salmon.. I mean look at it! Not pictured (because it was eaten too fast) was mum's poached eggs and ham with hollandaise sauce and Mimi's poached eggs and spinach. After chatting away, sipping on tea and fresh juice, trying to find a way to go to Camden avoiding the rain, we had a look around the shop and bought dinner for later. I am definitely going back very soon, I love the whole concept! Oh and of course I'll also be planning a trip to Gloucestershire..