Love Links & Some Cherries


I am painting my nails and packing a small suitcase full of flowy dresses and bikinis as I am writing this post. It's thursday evening, but it will be friday when you read this, and I'll probably be in the air somewhere between London and Milan. I am visiting my best friend in the country of pastas, pizzas and hot men. This weekend is going to be heaven! 

I literally counted every minute today at work, and almost skipped all the way back home with a huge smile on my face! I know I have been away recently, posting a little less than usual but I have exciting things coming up, my head is full of great projects, I couldn't be more excited! So once again, there won't be much posting up until next tuesday! 

If you want to follow along my Italian adventures you can find me on Instagram, and on my Facebook page!

In the meantime here are a few things I loved recently...

-A simple tomato salad for a light summery lunch

This beautiful office space (on my new favourite online magazine called Rue)

11 ideas for healthy snacks on the Everygirl (I need to pack more healthy snacks for work.. and this is the perfect inspiration for it!)

- This stunning bikini from Anthropologie, I need it in my life right now.

Soph's latest post about the two kitties she's looking after: Hooper & Hansa. Met them in real life, I can assure you they truly are the CUTEST things EVER. 

Papaya Boats for breakfast anyone? A dreamboat.

A great post about the never ending cycle of aspiration & luxury by Margaret from Shine by Three. Brilliant writing, I mentioned it on Twitter before but her blog is too stunning not to share again! (and that Ear Cuff... gimmeeeee)

Those yummy looking caramelised banana & peanut butter 'ice cream'- I need to try these as soon as I'm back!

That's all for now, Have the best kind of weekend, soak in some of that beautiful sunshine! 

See you on Tuesday!