Weekend Scenes

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This weekend my mum and godmother came to visit me! I hadn't seen my godmother in almost 2 years! and of course I missed my mama.. These two are best friends since they were 7 years old! They still get on like house on fire. I laughed so hard all weekend, my abs are sore. We did plenty of touristy things like Covent Garden, Big Ben, The House of Parliament, London Eye, Portobello Rd, Camden... It was fun and exhausting at the same time! So much walking.. and so many (other) tourists. I now know why I don't usually go to these places at weekends! 

On Saturday night we went to Duck & Waffle for dinner, I loved it the first time, and I wanted mum to experience it. We got the giggles in the glass elevator, and ate until our bellies popped. It was great to have my mum just for myself for two full days, it's crazy how much I turn into a little girl when she's around... asking her to make my toasts at breakfast, requesting massages and good night kisses. Does that ever stop...?

*Photos taken with both iPhone & DSLR