Weekend Scenes

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Weekends seem to go faster and faster these days...! If only Mondays would go by like that! On Saturday morning I made my way into central London to catch up with Freya over breakfast. We have a little surprise giveaway planned for you this week so stay tuned!! 

The rest of my Saturday was all planned out to be super-productive with a trip to the market and some designing work to do for the rest of the day..which didn't quite turn out that way, but it never really does when I plan to be productive for the day. I ended up meeting up with a friend for coffee, which turned into lunch, which turned into cocktails, and before I knew it it was dark and time for bed! 

I spent my Sunday with Sophie and George strolling around Richmond Park, playing in tall grass and making crowns out of fern leaves (Sophie & I did... George wasn't that keen on wearing a crown, pretending to be a fairy - I wonder why..) We also found the perfect little spot for tea and cake, it's called Richmond Hill Bakery, if you're ever in the Richmond area you should give it a try, they make the best passion fruit and chocolate tart, and I was very tempted to leave with 20 loaves of bread (I find it really rare to find good, 'real' bread in England.. that's the French in me)!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend, let's all pretend like Monday is the best day ever, that will make it better right...?

* Head over on Sophie's blog to see a few more shots from our stroll through Richmond Park!