3 days and counting...

That's until I fly home for 2 weeks. TWO ENTIRE WEEKS OF HOLIDAY. Since when did that happen?! I don't even have a weekend post  for you, quite simply because my weekend was filled with lazy mornings in bed, watching Wimbledon with some friends (on the TV sadly..) and a LOT of life admin (as Soph would say - aka laundry, tidying, organising.. ya know the boring stuff) So actually you should be thankful that I don't post any pictures because you'd be bored as hell! and quite frankly I'd much rather have this handsome boy giving me neck 'kisses' as the center of attention.. 

While I'm at it, today seems to be the official death of Google reader (right?) It confuses me highly, but I have swapped to Bloglovin a little while ago, so make sure you follow me on there if you still want to know what's happening around here!! You can also like the Facebook page, I post regular Instagrams and 'New Post' updates!

I never talk much about music on this blog of mine, which is odd because it definitely takes up a lot of my day. I listen to music all the time, on the tube, in the shower, in bed, on the bus, walking to work, walking home, while cooking, before bed... literally ALL the time. Recently I've discovered two amazing bands, I'm sure you know them already (if not you're in for a treat)... Kodaline (favourite song at the moment is High Hopes... get ready to cry watching the video!) and First Aid Kit (favourites are The Lion's Roar and Emmylou). Enjoy!

PS: Remember you only have until tomorrow 12am GMT to enter the giveaway to win a gorgeous new blog design! The winner will be announced on Tuesday evening!