Homemade Burgers & Fresh Tomatoes

DSC02659 tomato and lemonade DSC02430 burgers DSC02653

One major plus about going back home is all the delicious food I get to eat every day. Dad is my favourite Chef in the world. I'm not one to say that England has bad food (well I say it sometimes.. especially when I'm standing there in desperation in a Tesco or Sainsbury aisle..) but France just has food imprinted in its culture and it makes such a difference. You have access to the best produce all the time, especially at local food markets where you can buy directly from the farmer growing his tomatoes two villages away. Maybe that's just the countryside for you, but I do miss that accessibility to great fresh produce when I'm in London! (there are some exceptions though.. like Borough Market and Whole Foods ;) 

Anyway so one evening I made cheese burgers from scratch (except the bread.. which is silly because I have a killer recipe for it over here) They were yummy if I must say so myself. I cooked them on the plancha and added 3 different cheese on top. You can never have too much cheese!! (I have to add that these pictures were taken from two different dinners, we don't really mix pasta and burgers at our house!)

Ps: Elisa is going to kill me for posting this picture (which is the best picture I've ever taken of her)........ Hey Lizzie! (too bad I'm in a different country..)