My Summer Essentials

There really is something about summer that makes me feel my best self. I don't know about you but during the summer months I feel alive, my skin glows, my hair shines, I feel happy and even a little sexier.. probably due to walking around in a bikini all day long (most of the time anyway..) There are a few things that never leave my handbag when I'm away on vacation or out and about in the sun...


>> A Panama - effortlessly chic, it makes a little sundress shine it's best light. It also protects my face from too much exposure to those dangerous rays..


>> Monoi Oil - I bought this one in France it's by Soleil des Iles (I can't see it online) although The Body Shop does one too, as well as this one by Hei Poa. I mainly use it on my body after spending the day in the sun because it smells divine and moisturises like nothing else. If my hair gets really dry, after a day at the beach for example, I'll put some on my tips too, it does wonders.


>> Water/Cold Beverage/Cocktail: It is so very important to stay hydrated especially when it is a million degrees outside and you're sweating like it's your job (you should have seen me on the tube journey back home today... it wasn't pretty) I always carry a water bottle with me, wherever I go. I have one by my bedside table, in the car, in my handbag - everywhere. To the point where if I don't have one I start to panic (slight exaggeration) like I'm going to die of dehydration or something.


>> Extraordinary Oil - I bought this little treasure on one of my escapade to Whole Foods. It's called l'or Bio by Melvita you can find it here. I've been using it all over my body after every shower and my skin has never been softer. It says you can use it on your hair too (probably the Rolls Royce of oils as it contains 5 rare organic oils and a bunch of other precious essences)

>> L'eau Ensoleillante by Clarins - Saying I am obsessed with this fragrance is a terrible understatement. I wish I could bathe in it, it smells that good. My best friend used to wear it during the summer when we were in our last year at school, I rediscovered it when I came to visit her in Milan and fell in love with it. It's so fresh, it smells just like what summer smells like in my mind. It also contains no alcohol which is perfect when the sun shines as it doesn't leave any sun stains on skin.


>> Colourful Nail Polish - I'm all into this playful blue on my toes at the moment! The only time I allow myself to let go in the nail polish department and turn my toes into a rainbow is during Summer. I went for an orangey red on my hands and this blue from Topshop in the colour AWOL (it's brighter than it looks like on their website!)


>> A Good Book & Magazines - Currently reading Perfume, exactly the kind of book I needed to let my mind wonder and get lost. I'm also re-reading Eat, Pray, Love which is one of my absolute favourite book. If you've seen the film and haven't read the book I urge you to read it, it is SO much better (as most books are compared to their film) I recommended it to all my girlfriends who loved it - a must read! It's not only inspiring and profound but Elizabeth Gilbert is also sincerely hilarious. I also always carry around a magazine by the pool or in my handbag, at the moment my absolute favourite is the first edition of the French Vanity Fair! I never really paid attention to Vanity Fair before, always preferring Marie Claire and Vogue, but what a revelation!


>> Sun Cream - This is absolutely vital for me because I inherited my dad's fair british skin... I tend to go a little red before turning brown, not like my sister (the lucky one) who goes brown in 2 days. This year I got the Garnier Ambre Solaire SPF 15 which was a little too low seeing as I now live in London and haven't seen much sun, but it smells so nice I even put it when it's grey and work in an office...


>> Pretty Lingerie : because when you're tanned you feel attractive and sexy, and what else do you need when it's melting hot outside? Lingerie biensûr ! Nothing beats a soft black lace.. (like this little number and that one too)

What are yours..?