Summer Nights on the Balcony

DSC03064 DSC03068 DSC03069 Pimmsbarbecue DSC03089

I had never spent a whole summer in a city before, nor did I ever spend a whole summer working full time in a city before. This year I kind of dreaded the summer months a little bit (although a trip back home helped a lot!) I am still not one hundred percent convinced (you see.. I don't think you can beat a summer in the South of France..) BUT I have to say that jugs of Pimm's and plates of tapas on my balcony with a view like this one might change my mind just a little. I am still getting used to the unbreathable heat / rainy and chilly summer days in London, but one thing I won't get used to is public transport with no air-con. That my friend I refuse to get used to. How do you cope with summer in a city??