Instalove 02 | Silverspies & Kvtes

Here are some of my current favourite people on Instagram...

Silverspies has got a magical talent for capturing the beauty in the every day life. She turns any common objects into art. She's also got the perfect eye for light and composition. I just can't help myself but like every single photo she posts... it's kinda embarrassing actually.. but I don't care, it won't make me stop! I mean when you have a cat that looks like THIS... I also discovered not so long ago that she has a blog! It's called Luar & Wolffdene. Worth checking out if you want to see more of her stunning photography.


Another favourite of mine at the moment is KVTES by Katie Fafinski. I discovered her through her addictive Tumblr called Rainy Days and Blankets. (You guys, it has MUSIC!!!.. and pretty damn good music while we're at it!) You will find yourself scrolling through it for hours, you've been warned! but back to her lovely Instagram account.. I started following her no so long ago, and just like her Tumblr I found myself scrolling down for ever. She's got such a positive perspective on life. She treasures the little things as much as I do, she's also incredible with her words


Now go! Go do some stalking!

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