Weekend Scenes | Brunch & Maurice

Bank holiday weekend Bank holiday weekend Bank holiday weekend Bank holiday weekend Bank holiday weekend Bank holiday weekend Bank holiday weekend

If I had to sum up my weekend it would go like this: Brunch, Cat.

If brunching was a profession I'd be the best bruncher in the land. We didn't plan it this way but I ended up spending my entire weekend with Mel (my cousin). On saturday morning we woke up all sleepy eyed, it was pouring rain...and a Breakfast Club had opened literally down the road from Mel's house. We couldn't resist those fluffy heavenly pancakes, covered in crispy bacon and fresh berries. I seriously wouldn't want to start my weekend any other way! 

Long story short we ended up making our own brunch on Sunday - which may or may not have been better than the Breakfast Club...(smoked salmon on rye bread with avocado and homemade banana muffins anyone?) 

For those of you who follow me on Instagram you might know this already but we rescued a cat in between all this brunching! He appeared on friday evening while we were having wine and cheese on the terrace, he was so friendly and very skinny so we decided to call it Maurice and invited him on the sofa with a bowl of milk...Maurice was still on the terrace the next morning, and the morning after.. During our endless cuddles we discovered a little note attached to his collar..

Turns out Maurice was actually called Marmelade! We called the owners who were so happy and grateful we had found their beloved Marmy. They had lost him for two long weeks! They picked him up on Sunday and showered him with kisses (the cutest little family ever, Maurice aka Marmelade is one lucky cat!) We were so happy to give him back to his family! They thanked us the next day with one giant flower bouquet!! (the CUTEST I'm telling you!) 

Maurice was truly the highlight of our weekend/year. All of you pet owners, make sure you attach a little note to their collar with your number on it...