Hackney Wicked Festival

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If you ever wondered what I look like trying to read a menu in the sun... double glasses is the trick. Thank me later (apologies for the crazy hair I got going on...it has a mind of it's own)

A few weeks back I joined Mel (my cousin!) and a couple of friends to Hackney Wicked Festival. It was just after coming back from France, I was a little homesick and needed something to occupy my mind so we decided to head all the way up North (Hackney is seriously another world when you live in south west London!!) for some delicious Arepas and a stroll by the river while discovering some very talented artists. We laughed, ate a lot and met a giant spider - it sure helped cure the homesickness feeling! I'm so glad to have some of my amazing family living in London because it just means I can pop by if I ever need an emergency cuddle or a nice home cooked meal or just someone to be completely crazy with, because you know sometimes only family will do.