Sunday Brunch at the Bvlgari Hotel

A couple of weekends ago during the fashion week madness, I spent my Sunday brunching (yes I made that a verb..) at the Bvlgari Hotel in Knightsbridge. They had the wonderful idea of combining brunch and a film screening. I was lucky enough to be invited along - it was just perfection.

DSC03691 DSC03688

Because I went in the midst of Fashion Week they served a fashion themed brunch. Let me tell you, nothing beats a shoe cookie cake. Oh and raspberries & cream between two macaroons.. whoever invented that is a genius.


The brunch is a buffet, but nothing like an old hotel buffet where they serve cold eggs and stale cornflakes. The Bvlgari hotel really knows how to do a buffet.. stacking piles of delicious warm breads and  cream covered pastries, mountains of delicious looking cakes and colorful fruits.. I didn't know where to look there was so much goodness around.

DSC03714 DSC03696 DSC03697 DSC03695

I started off by the savoury and 'hot' side of the buffet with plates of smoked salmon, grilled vegetables, cured meats and cheeses... You also have the choice to order from their menu, so I went for a classic Eggs Royale (because I can never have too much smoked salmon..) (not pictured...too yummy)


We were served Prosecco and some Sex & The City-esque cocktails, which I'm sure Carrie Bradshaw would approve.


After all this drinking and eating we were taken downstairs in their 47 seat private screening room to watch 'The Devil Wears Prada'. Yes it was that perfect. Popcorn and all.

Every Sunday should be filled with macaroons, Prosecco and film screenings. I would really recommend giving it a try. Grab your girlfriends and pretend like you're in Sex and the City for a day. They have a different film every weekend so it's worth checking their website to see what's on - all info over here!

* Photos are a mix between my iPhone and DSLR!