Weekend Scenes

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1. Roses on my Sunday walk to the park just after a rain shower.

2. I walk past this bookshop every day. (Note to self: next time go inside)

3. Elevator view.

4. As mentioned in yesterday's post - it was one lazyduvetnestonthesofa weekend (with a Hart of Dixie marathon..still going strong actually)

5. Found this beautiful tree by the river on my walk to the park (refer to picture 1)

6. I'm cheating a bit because this was a 'last week scene' - one evening I made brownies to bring into work. I had to control myself to not eat all of it!

7. Rainy Sunday listening to the rain by the window.

8.Walking through crispy leaves makes me feel like I'm 5 all over again.

9. Found some old polaroids taken by my granddad when I was 4!