Weekend Scenes

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This weekend was all kinds of amazing. I met up with two darling girls - Rosie & Freya. We spent the day eating and laughing, which are two of my favourite activities, as you may know by now..! 

We started off at Borough Market, believe it or not it was my first time there (I know.. embarrassing...) we ate our way around the market, stopped at Monmouth for some of the best coffee (or so I've heard because I'm not a coffee drinker...only in case of extreme fatigue!) 

We then made our way to Freya's for a fondue night (!!!) *hashtag I heart fondue 4 ever* because one can never have too much cheese and wine. She brought back some real fondue cheese from Zurich - now I will never be able to have fondue ever again unless it's REAL fondue cheese from Switzerland! It was so yummy and deliciously simple. Those girls make my heart happy, I'm so glad I get to see them again very soon...

Ps: to all of you who left the sweetest comments or tweeted me after yesterday's post.... THANK YOU. You made my day, I'm thankful for each and every one of you. I just wish I could meet you all and get to know you over tea and cake (emphasis on cake) xoxo Tania