iPhone photos from weekend at Borough market iPhone photos from weekend at Borough market

Today it is Freya's birthday, so I thought it would be appropriate to share how beautiful her home is. Remember when I talked about her magical garden? (it really is) or that time we had fondue with Rosie? Freya is the kindest soul you could ever meet, and I count myself lucky to call her my friend. She let's me borrow half of her flat when I go and visit because she's just the best like that. She also just got herself the cutest pup, which gives me one more reason to move in. It's gonna happen Freya! Oh and did I mention she also just got engaged?! So much happiness all around!

Happy Birthday darling girl! I hope you are having the best time in Italy. Please stuff your face with pizza, mozzarella, fresh pasta, parma ham and delicious wine for me? Tons of Love xoxo