Tea in Notting Hill

DSC04553 daylesfordtea DSC04554 wildatheart DSC04550

In the past couple of weeks I have spent every moment I could (outside of work) with my friends. I am flying over to France next week (and then Australia in January..!) and it breaks my heart to say goodbye to everyone. I don't want to sound over dramatic but I'll be gone for a good year, as scary as that sounds! On Sunday I met up with Vivi for tea at Daylesford Farm Cafe in Notting Hill. I had a carrot cake-muffin and Vivi had the vanilla rice pudding with stewed plums! It was a rainy Autumn day, I didn't care about my hair or being completely soaked, so after exchanging our goodbyes I walked back to the nearest station through the beautiful streets of this glorious hill.