iPhone photos from weekend at Borough market

At the beginning of the year when I first visited Freya's home (yes we are continuing on the Freya themed week.. ha ha) she took me to this adorable little bakery called Violet near where she lives. We sat outside in the evening sun, and I remember having one of the best chocolate cakes I've had in my life - this is no exaggeration, and if you know me and my obsession with chocolate I've had a fair amount of chocolate cakes over the years (now I sounds like an old lady..) 

DSC04085 DSC04094 DSC04081 iPhone photos from weekend at Borough market

Anyway the point is it was delicious and we came back, this time with Rosie, for tea and well cake, naturally. I had the carrot cake, Rosie had the chocolate whoopie pie with a salted caramel cream filling (YES!) and Freya had that whoopie pie's baby. Violet is a hidden gem - you MUST go if you're in the area

I've decided if I come back to live in London after my Australian adventure that's where I'll live. I've always thought of myself as a South-West London type of girl, but times have changed!!