Moodboard 04 | Festive Snow

Moodboard 04 | White Snow 3

I know, I know, I am getting ahead of time - but the weatherman said it was going to snow at the end of the week & suddenly I caught the festive fever (if you follow my Winter board on Pinterest - this is no news), I started day dreaming about snowflakes, pine decorations & bear cookies. The Christmas season is one of my favourite time of the year, in my books it is NEVER too early to start your festive cheer (alright... August might be too early but mid-November, I say that is just perfect timing) I'll have you know that I have string of lights hanging in my bedroom all year round, if this was Twitter I'd probably hashtag sorry not sorry right now, but I wouldn't want to offend your eyeballs. Now that you all know my list addiction, we shall finish this post as a... ha list you got it.

1 // Emily from Cupcakes & Cashmere (almost) made me gobble up my iPhone when I saw her decadent hot chocolate photographs | Sure I drink hot chocolate all year round but to me nothing screams 'reindeer sweater chalet ski christmas festive drink' more than a good ol' hot chocolate.

2 // Snowy forest paths | I am hoping we get a snowy morning walk very soon!

3 //Snowflakes, Snowflakes, Snowflakes | Enough said.

4 // Tartan & Oxblood Red nails | pretty much my festive uniform, red & tartan everything. 

5 // Dreamy winter sight | For years now I've been wanting to spend a very white christmas in a chalet somewhere like Canada, Switzerland or Austria. I'll make it happen one day.

6 // Bethany from This One's for You has the sweetest tradition with her mum & sister where each year they have a Christmas baking day. Icing cookies, sipping tea & watching festive movies | A tradition I need to start in our family!

7 // Talking about icing cookies, these bear & deer cookies just melt my heart | Note to self : get cute cookie cutters.

8 // I have decided that this year I will be making us some more decorations, maybe DIY a few presents wrap like it's my job 

* I couldn't find all original sources, if you know where one of these photographs come from, please let me know & I will link accordingly.

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