Recipe | Scottish Oatcakes


Since I've moved back to France there is one thing I miss enormously (beside my friends & family of course..) You want to know what that is?! ...OATCAKES - blooming oatcakes! They are so easy to find in London, even my Indian corner shop had 4 varieties of them, including organic ones. 

Then I moved to the South of France & oatcake isn't even a word. I asked for them at our local supermarket - it didn't go down well.. ''C'est quoi des 'hautecakes'..?! '' giving me the evil eye like I was asking for moon rocks or something. I've been looking for them ever since, just like a coke addict wandering the street for their daily dosage (maybe I'm being a little dramatic, but you get the picture)

Then something happened - I googled 'oatcake recipe' & was just blown away. They are SO easy to make. I could make them in my sleep, I mean my dog could (probably) make them in his sleep..

Scottish Oatcakes makes approximatively 22/24 (depends on how big your cookie cutter is)  



- 220g of rolled oats

- 30g butter

- 1 tspn of salt

- 90ml of hot water


>> First of all mix your rolled oats in your blender to make them less coarse - you want the mixture to be quite thin

>> Pour your melted butter over your oats, add salt & hot (not boiling) water

>> Mix well, form a dough ball (add more water if the dough is too dry)

>> Roll the dough quite thin (in between 3 and 5 mm) over a floured surface

>> Cut with your favourite cookie cutter (note I used the flower one - but it's almost christmas so get your deer, christmas tree & santa cookie cutters out of your cookie cutter draw)

>> Delicately place on parchment paper or on your fancy cookie sheet into a preheated oven (190 degreed C) for 15 to 20 minutes, flipping your cakes half way through so they have an even colour.

>> Eat with cheese, Nutella, jam, hummus, parma ham, for breakfast, lunch & dinner.

*adapted from this recipe

Ps: In yesterday's post I mentioned that I'll let you know about the camera(s) I'm selling - turns out today I managed to photograph oatcakes only - but you just wait, tomorrow is a new day!